Start MongoDB as service

Dongsheng Deng @ 2018/04/13

1. start MongoDB normally

Once you have installed MongoDB on your PC, you can start MongoDB using

mongod --dbpath C:\MongoDB\Server\3.6\data\db

2. start MongDB as service

  1. remove the existing MongDB service
  2. intall the MongoDB as a service
  3. start the MongoDB service
  4. stop the MongoDB service
mongod --remove 
mongod --dbpath=C:\MongoDB\Server\3.6\data\db --logpath=C:\MongoDB\Server\3.6\logs\log.txt --install
net start MongoDB
net stop MongoDB

When you install or remove MongoDB service to or from you computer, you can add the --serviceName YourServiceName flag after the command to customize the service name as you wish.

If needed, you can install services for multiple instances of mongod.exe. Install each service with a unique –serviceName and –serviceDisplayName. Use multiple instances only when sufficient system resources exist and your system design requires it.